endangered animal homework 31.1.14

book cover homework 11th October 2013

Homework 4th October 2013

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  1. hawkkb says:

    well done Emily nice work

  2. hawkea says:

    Hi it is Emily Arscott from Class Hawk reporting from Bristol where I have just been speaking to Jenny Jones the famous Snow Boarder. She said she was worried about failing in the winter Olympics as she felt nervous, however she came home with a Bronze Medal. Jenny was also given some flowers from some people who lived in the area where she grew up. Jennie is now helping young people by trying to inspire them to do snow boarding. “Well done Jenny!!”

  3. hawkkk says:

    The cave people who are afraid
    One day there was a massive family of cave people who have always wanted to go hunting for animals for there whole life but they have always been afraid. The cave people are afraid that when they go out hunting the animals will get them down and eat them instead but when they went hunting none of that happened to them.When the cave people went out to hunt they found three baby deers and they killed them so they could eat them and after they had killed them the baby deers parents came running after the cave people who had killed there babies. The parents could not catch up with the cave people because they were running way to fast for them and they climbed up to the top of a very tall cliff because they knew that deers could not climb up any thing.

    One day there was a family and they were going out hunting.The family was a mum, dad, and two children. The children were called Julie and Isaac. The two children have always loved catching buffalos, but when they went out hunting to go and find buffalos with their mum and dad, two animals were following the family while they were hunting. The animals were oxs and cows. When the family turned around to go home with the buffalo they saw the ox and the cow.The ox and the cow followed the family all the way home. The two animals took a humongous pile of grass with them on their back so they could eat it while the cave people were eating their buffalo.

  4. hawkkk says:

    caves have stalactites and they are the ones that hang down from the ceiling and stalagmites are the ones that poke out of the ground. The spiders that are very big lay very big spiders eggs in the caves and the very small sipeders lay very small eggs. The very big eggs are usually found on the floor in a dark bit in the cave. The really small eggs are usually found on the ceiling in a light bit of the cave. The different caves have different chambers and have pools of water in them like a massive river flowing. some of the pools are very deep so cave divers can dive in them and not hurt themseflf.Jhon buxton started cave diving in 1953 and he holds the worlds most records in cave diving. He has been doing it for 80 years and he has gone down 2,000 meters. when he has been cave diving for the past 80 years he has found nothing.

  5. hawkea says:

    I am really enjoy the book wichs because you roll the r around.

  6. missmoss says:

    Lovely homework Emily. I wonder what it would be like to go cave diving.

  7. hawkea says:

    Caves have stalactites and stalagmites. Also different types of spiders some are big and some are small. They have different chambers in the caves and some have pools of water in them . Some are so deep that people dive in them.

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